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Hands-On Crafting with Kids: Making Bath Bombs and Soaps at Frigg’s {Review}

I am not one to sign my kids up for extracurricular activities. I am lucky to be a stay-at-home mom, and I view my role with great responsibility; I cannot justify sending them away when I could be doing things with them. That said, we’re always on the hunt for new experiences in Portland, which explains why my ears perked up when I first heard about Frigg’s Mercantile

Frigg’s came into my news feed announcing a half-day Kids’ Mini-Camp in their new location on NE MLK Jr Boulevard. The invite said kids would get to learn to make soap and bath bombs in a morning session. I jumped at the opportunity.

To start, this Mini-Camp was kid-oriented; I had not heard of soap-making classes for kids before, so this was new to me. Second, it was a half-day: perfect, because I did not want much more than a few hours. Third, it was $35/kid for three hours; one cannot beat that price – especially since materials were included!

I signed up, and all three of us, ages 8, 5, and 40, went. And did we all have a blast! 

About the Shop

Getting there was an easy drive, with plenty of parking (an obvious bonus). Parents (and siblings) were welcome to hang about the store watching the activities if they chose, or they could spend that time reading a book, sipping coffee (in the shop itself or at a nearby cafe), or meeting other moms. 

Our positive experience began with the store itself. The space was open, clean, and kid-friendly. Merchandise lined the walls and the middle of the store, but did not clutter. I felt at peace while there for three hours, and not claustrophic like products were going to fall on me any minute. There were beautiful books and magazines to look at, and a comfortable couch to sit on. There was also a dollhouse for the littles. 

Time to Get Crafty

Then, the workshop began, and I got to watch. Everything was hands-on, with thoughtful guidance. Each child got their choice of soap, fragrance, and color. They also picked their own molds in which to make the soap. The kids took turns melting, coloring, scenting, and pouring their own soaps, while listening to instructions delivered in simple, easy-to-follow steps. Eventually, they took the reins and developed new, exciting concoctions from their own imaginations!

While waiting for the soaps to set, the workshop moved on to teach the kids how to make bath bombs. What a fun mess that was! The kids got to measure, mix, and mold their own bath bombs, while learning about the different ingredients and how each reacts with water. I think my daughter had the most fun doing this because of the mess it generated and the opportunity to stick her fingers in a big grainy tub of bath bomb mix. Another bonus? None of the mess was made in my kitchen!

When done, everyone left with more than a handful of bath bombs and soaps. My kids couldn’t wait to get home and try out their creations. I would say that was definitely a successful, fun-filled morning. 

Other Fun Options

Chatting with the owner, I found out that she also does private birthday parties or group playdates, and I thought it would be brilliant to get some of my daughter’s girlfriends together one afternoon to try out making lip balms. Such a creative take on the usual after-school get-together! I also learned that these events aren’t just for kids, either: Ladies nights, Moms Night Outs, bachelorette parties, baby showers? What a clever option for kids and grown-ups looking to try out something new!

Frigg’s Mercantile is a new homesteading shop and studio located in Northeast Portland. In the shop, they carry essential supplies and equipment for soap-making, candle-making, fermentation, cheese-making, and food preservation. In the studio, they regularly host workshops on homesteading topics and host private birthday parties, corporate events, children’s camps, and more! See their website or visit their Facebook page for additional information.

Frigg’s Mercantile
2809 NE MLK Jr Blvd
Portland OR 97212


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