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My First School-Age Birthday Party as a Mom

In a desperate attempt to up my game in the making mom-friends category, I decided to attend a birthday party for my son’s classmate from school. It reminded me of high school because all I wanted was to fit in and make some connections. I have been dying to create my mom-village for five years […]

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Choosing Rest in Motherhood

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it looks like to choose rest amidst the tasks of motherhood. While I’m sure most of us could opt for more physical rest, in what ways do we intentionally slow down during the fullness of life? Most days it feels like I do circles involving laundry, dishes, diaper changes, […]

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Finding Humor in Being a Mom

Humor is a wonderful tool for coping with challenging situations, diffusing arguments, asking your kiddos to pretty please do their chores, or reminding your sweet baby for the eleventy-billionth time not to wipe her boogers on the wall next to the bed. While being funny is good for handling these situations, I don’t know anymore, because […]

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You are one day closer to using the bathroom without an audience

10 Mostly Positive Affirmations for Realist Moms

Some days of mothering are long, difficult, and seriously lacking in encouragement, especially since all of the kids are out of their routine on summer break. I went through an embarrassingly large amount of chocolate in the first week my own kids were home from school, no doubt a coping mechanism for skyrocketing levels of […]

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