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new year

New Year, New You…Or Not

As I sit here and ponder my best moments of last year and my resolutions for the new year, I think about how far I’ve come, how much I’ve accomplished, and how much my kids are actually not demon-like monsters. Rather than set resolutions for myself, which just means I’m constantly striving to improve myself, […]

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mama fort

My Desperate Need for a Mama Fort

Looking around my house I really needed to find a place that could be all mine; a mama fort, of sorts. Something that would remind me of the woman I want to be, a spot for me to recharge, and do something I love. A place of beauty, or meaning, and of course completely lego-free!  I […]

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What Will You Do with the Time?!

My kids are now both in school. Full time. All day. And by full time, I mean six hours. Which is enough time to do exactly 78% of each job that I currently hold. Housekeeper, chauffeur (via bike, I do live in Portland after all), personal chef to the stars my family, parent, and volunteer extraordinaire at […]

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You are one day closer to using the bathroom without an audience

10 Mostly Positive Affirmations for Realist Moms

Some days of mothering are long, difficult, and seriously lacking in encouragement, especially since all of the kids are out of their routine on summer break. I went through an embarrassingly large amount of chocolate in the first week my own kids were home from school, no doubt a coping mechanism for skyrocketing levels of […]

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