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The New Mommy Makeover

Every mom experiences changes to her body following pregnancy and childbirth. However, if such changes are negatively affecting your comfort or self-confidence, you may wish to take action. If you have considered a cosmetic procedure, but completely dismissed the idea because you’ve heard that surgery is your only option, don’t give up hope. An all […]

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Floss Pediatric Dentist Portland

To Floss or Not to Floss…is that REALLY a question?

An article in The New York Times earlier this month received a lot of attention from both families and oral care professionals. It basically indicated that the government thinks flossing is a big fat waste of time. Hold. The. Phone. WHAT?!  {We want to thank our our friends at Nelson Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for providing and sponsoring this important […]

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body image

The Reflection I See In The Mirror

If I can be totally honest, writing about body image terrifies me. This topic is not easy nor simple; it’s quite complicated actually. I fear talking about it because I don’t want to start the comparison game. I’m embarrassed to say that at almost 40-years-old I’m not at peace with the reflection I see in the mirror. I […]

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