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2016 Guide to Portland Summer Camps

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about summer! We are excited to partner with fantastic summer camps in Portland and the surrounding area to provide you with the 2016 Portland Moms Blog Summer Camp Guide! Below you will find details on a variety of Portland summer camps for every age, interest and schedule. Many […]

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Entrepreneur Simplified Business Workroom Workshop

Calling all mompreneurs: Get to work and attend the Business Workroom

If you’re a business owner of any kind (or hope to become one), there are probably other business-savvy women and men who inspire you, coach you, and motivate you to achieve your goals. Learning from other successful business owners can have a significant role in your success–especially as you juggle career with family and other […]

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40 Year Old New Mom

The 40 Year Old Virgin Mom

I recently turned [gasp, eek, crikey] 40! At this age, I’ve vowed to be kinder to myself starting now and to think a whole lot less about what “people” think of me once and for all. In my quest to embrace this new decade, I made a list of the top reasons why being a new […]

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Loving (and Hating) the Pink Ribbon: How to Truly Honor a Breast Cancer Survivor

October is breast cancer awareness month. It would be nearly impossible for you not to know this. Come October, it’s quite difficult to go anywhere without seeing pink ribbons flying, buildings lit up in a rose color hue and companies eager to show their commitment through creative, yet often self-serving cause-marketing campaigns. One of the […]

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