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19 Ways to Spoil Grandkids in Portland

I think we can all agree that, as far as our kids are concerned, life is just better when grandma and grandpa are around. Take for example going out to dinner. Whether this is a regular occurrence or a rare treat, kids generally enjoy going to a restaurant. But have grandma and grandpa tag along […]

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Getaway for a Day: Fun-Filled Trips from PDX

I’m hearing the phrase “I’m bored” more and more as the summer goes on. Not that I feel obliged to provide a constant stream of entertainment for my kids, but sometimes I have to break out of the rut for my own sanity. If you know the feeling, let me help you start planning your […]

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Eight Rules of Safe Water Play

This summer my son started taking swimming lessons.  Since he just turned one, it’s really a class to get him acquainted with the water.  It has been fun to see him get more comfortable in the pool (as he hates water in his face) and to start kicking his legs by himself.  My husband is one of […]

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