Passionate About the Portland area
and the Moms Who Live Here

Letting Your Kids Spread Joy

I was grocery shopping at Winco several years ago with my baby son who had just starting to sit upright in the cart. I wiped the cart down with at least 100 sanitizing wipes and padded him in with a blanket. I was still at the “let’s put a bubble around him” kind of stage, […]

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(Portland) Kids Say the Darndest Things

We all know kids, especially young ones, say the funniest things; from brutal honesty about our appearances, to off-the-wall ideas, to insightful observations, and high-level questions with difficult answers. So what’s special about kids being raised in the Northwest? Reflecting some of the idiosyncrasies of the PNW in general, or Portland specifically, maybe you think your kids are […]

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Superior Hydration for the Whole Family with BodyArmor

{This post is sponsored by BODYARMOR SuperDrink™–a premium sports drink that provides superior hydration and is loaded with potassium-packed electrolytes, vitamins, coconut water and contains nothing artificial.} As my kids grow, we become more and more active. More activities and sports, more running around between school, home and other commitments. We play hard in this family—and […]

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Grandparents Day

The Gift of Grandparents

Grandparents and gifts; two words that often go together. On Grandparents Day, I find myself reflecting not back on my own relationships, but at the relationships my son is building with all six of his grandparent relationships. Gifts, however, go far beyond the tangible items offered. It’s the gift inside that holds the true treasure; the lessons […]

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Why Grandparents Are Special

At the end of August my daughter and I spent a week in Southern California at my grandparent’s place. It was one of the best vacations I can remember. My grandparents are in their late 80s, and life is slower for them, which made the pace of our vacation perfect. After spending the previous 11 […]

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